“Great minds think alike, small minds rarely differ.”

A team who all agree on the first idea proposed are likely to end up worse off than a team who challenge and question each and every idea proposed.

A valuable life skill is to be able to separate yourself from a situation and think from a new perspective.

Student. Media. Volunteer.

The past few years have, of course, contained the majority of my personal development through a number of fun projects and adventures!

My home is in Cardiff, however, I am a student living in Leicester to study Media Production BSc at De Montfort University.

Student Media was always a huge part of my university life – as with many others who get involved in it too! My involvement started with doing anything I could for the TV team and radio station in my first year – helping out with everything I could turn up to!

In my second year I held the role of Technician for Demon Media, which involved setting up live events, looking after the radio studio, and managing the set up of livestreams. Also in this year I created a 6 part short form drama series for DemonTV. All this was alongside presenting a weekly radio show on FM community radio!

Into my third year of university and I was elected to become the Station Manager of DemonFM. Work on this role involved a lot of restructuring before uni even started for the year, before recruiting 15 team members to help make the station awesome!

A side passion during my time in student media, I grew a passion for creating radio imaging! This was celebrated as I won the Bronze award for Best Station Sound at the Student Radio Awards 2019.

Volunteering with The Scouts is something very important to me personally. Previously I have had the role of a Young Leader. This involved completing a training scheme based around working with young people and adult leaders.

In Scouting, I currently hold a number of roles. I am an Assistant Section Leader at 61st Cardiff Scout Group, as well as one of their charitable trustees. I also hold the role of District Media Manager for Cardiff East District, a role focussed on telling the stories of our young people and adult volunteers to the media.

Apart from official roles, I have also seen my fair share of adventure!

As a young person, 15-17 year old, I have been on trips to Japan, France, Norway and the Czech Republic! Each of these trips involved an increasing level of organisational responsibility.

These international trips have been headlined by a trip to the World Scout Jamboree in North America in summer 2019, where I worked with 3 other leaders to run the 3 week trip for 36 14-17 year olds. It was the trip of a lifetime for them, and me!!

it’s foolish to turn down good opportunities without good cause!

"Adventure is out there" - UP!

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