For 2017, NASTA‘s FreshersTV was hosted by De Montfort University‘s Demon Media. This meant that DMU would be broadcasting the show live from their own TV studio, with live and pre-recorded links to other student media groups across the UK.

I had just joined Demon Media at the beginning of my first term as a DMU student. Within my first few weeks I was given the chance to be a camera operator for FreshersTV! This involved multiple studio rehearsals before the final live broadcast. As part of the studio rehearsals I had to learn how to use the studio cameras, and how studios are run in terms of conventions and crewing.

It was really fun and interesting to work on a studio production for the first time; it’s really different to working on solo or small crew productions!

FreshersTV 2017 Crew

FreshersTV 2017 Crew

My main struggle on this project: trying to not to cough for the whole of a 2 and a half hour broadcast, whilst being deep into a run of the flu!

See the on-demand version of the live broadcast at the top of the page!