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Station Sound/Imaging Producer Demo: April 2019

From April 2018 to April 2019 I’ve been on a journey of discovery into the world of station sound/imaging at my student radio station, DemonFM! The first bit of my story started with inspiration from a dear friend, Seb Cheer,… Continue Reading →

BBC Fresh Air – November 2018

What is BBC Fresh Air? After a few emails back and forth with the BBC Radio Leicester team, which started with the usual ‘I’ll do anything please have me for some experience’ stance, I’d come to an interesting agreement. They… Continue Reading →

Christmas Day Cooking Show

For Christmas Day 2018, me and Bridie Gibbs (my amazingly talented co-host) were given the opportunity to present a radio show! We quickly decided two things: we wern’t doing it live, and we wanted to be different and original! We… Continue Reading →

DemonFM’s Eurovision Chart Show

Anyone who knows me knows that Eurovision is big game. It’s such an amazing week-long cultural event! In the week’s running up to Eurovision week, I started thinking about the concept of a Eurovision Chart Show! I had no idea… Continue Reading →

Made in Cardiff TV Work Experience

For two weeks in March 2018 I joined Made In Cardiff Television for work experience, after being accepted from an interview stage. Over the course of each day with the team I worked across multiple strands of the whole production… Continue Reading →

Media Coordinator at Alternative Monopoly Run 2018

The 2018 Alternative Monopoly Run in London was a Scout event which saw 100’s of young people explore our capital whilst completing challenges! As the Media Coordinator, my job was to tell the story of such a fantastic event! Coordinating… Continue Reading →

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