In March 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic saw the university year get cut short. This also meant that members of DemonFM had to cease broadcasting their shows. The whole purpose of a student media society like DemonFM is to give students the opportunity to broadcast, so me and my management team got thinking about how we could carry on providing members with this experience.

We settled on the idea of creating a podcast called Weekly Wander. I took on the role of producing and editing the weekly magazine show, with members of the station having the opportunity to send in audio each week. We didn’t want to stop any members from getting involved due to a lack of equipment; this project was about member experience first and foremost. We encouraged members to try and record audio on their phones, and I would then process any audio that came in to attempt to process it to a decent quality.

We also chose to give this podcast a poppy brand, so I repurposed some of the station imaging I previously created for DemonFM. This involved recording new vocals and creating new mixes of the imaging.

An advert for episode 6 of Weekly Wander
Weekly Wander Week 6 Advert

When members would send in audio, I tried to turn them into radio-like packages – a really creative task. The podcast ran for 6 weeks, from the start of lockdown until the begining of final deadlines and exams. During this time I edited several types of package, including serious discussion, tv and film recommendations, journalistic content and various smaller segments.

Each podcast had a different member of the team anchoring it. I worked with each week’s host to help with scripting, before editing their recordings for assembling the episode.

Creating a ~1 hour podcast each week, on top of university work, is a challenge. This project was about bringing creatives together, and by coming together we pulled this off!

You can listen to an episode of Weekly Wander below!