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Hinckley Road Explosion – Initial Report

On the evening Sunday 25th February 2018, there was sadly an explosion on Hinckley Road in Leicester. This being such a local incident to Leicester, I decided to produce an initial report into this for the news section of the… Continue Reading →

Total Performance Rehearsal Filming

Bridie Gibbs’ 2nd year Performing Arts performance was called ‘total performance.’ Her group had decided to perform a piece at Leicester’s New Walk Museum. The performance was inspired by and reacting to the artwork. I was asked to attend her… Continue Reading →

FreshersTV 2017

For 2017, NASTA‘s FreshersTV was hosted by De Montfort University‘s Demon Media. This meant that DMU would be broadcasting the show live from their own TV studio, with live and pre-recorded links to other student media groups across the UK…. Continue Reading →

Cubjam 2019 Promotional Video

The brief for this project was to create a promotional video for the launch of the event ‘Cubjam 2019’. The footage used in this video was from the previous event, ‘Cubjam 2016,’ much of which I filmed as part of… Continue Reading →

Sam Home ‘Lyrical Therapy’ Music Video

A hastily planned project for Sam. He needed a music video of him performing to apply to the ‘Roverband’ at ‘Roverway 2016’, a Scout Jamboree in France. This was simply shot across a few takes. I worked closely with Sam… Continue Reading →

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