Anyone who knows me knows that Eurovision is big game. It’s such an amazing week-long cultural event!

In the week’s running up to Eurovision week, I started thinking about the concept of a Eurovision Chart Show! I had no idea what it would be, how I’d do it or how it would work – but it was my new task to figure all that out!

I follow Eurovision closely anyway, so research wasn’t a task here. As always, the Eurovision Crew blog was amazing to read and really helped me out.

Closer to the time, I teamed up with the amazingly talented Bridie Gibbs to host and produce the Eurovision Chart Show. Together we worked on creating custom imaging for the show (heard on the attached audio to this post) and battled out to decide on the final order of acts in our chart!

As always I made sure that we advertised the fruits of our labour, and at 2pm on the day of the Eurovision Grand Final we went live!

Social media graphic advert

Our our show was presented from the DemonFM studio in our university, before being edited and uploaded to remove the songs to be posted here.

See the top of the page for the full demo!