The 2018 Alternative Monopoly Run in London was a Scout event which saw 100’s of young people explore our capital whilst completing challenges! As the Media Coordinator, my job was to tell the story of such a fantastic event!

Coordinating a media response to such a large and wide-spread event was a technical challenge. To tackle this challenge I gathered some members to my media team: Seb Cheer, Louis Hawker, Jack Vaughan and Fran Feehan.

As part of our work, I saw it important that we find at many teams as possible and talk to them while they are running around London. This example shows what we created from some of these interactions.

Other Scout leaders, parents and the general public were all our target audience. At our HQ my team decided to film a video talking about the unexpected snowfall. This video did really well as we tailored it to our target audience well.

Among other videos, we also made an action packed end of event video using all our footage from the course of the event. Special mention to Seb for the amazing edit!

The work that we did with video coverage over the event was high commended by participants and other stake holders.