This work comes under my role as a Broadcast Assistant at BBC Radio Leicester. My work with the BBC Radio Leicester Sport team fits into two main categories: producing audio for live radio, and editing together match-day podcasts.

When a live show is being worked on, my role involves quickly turning around audio from an outside source, creating emotive packages and managing the control of the studio and playout of audio. This high pressure environment is very exciting to work in, and has seen my skills in quick audio editing develop.

The match-day podcast editing element of the role involves working to a strict brief. The podcasts are already established and need to be edited to the same format on each occasion. Content for the podcast was sourced from audio elements edited for the live sports coverage. The whole editing and publishing process was all involved in this role.

Due to licensing and such, episodes aren’t available for long online, so I can’t provide a link to an episode that I was directly involved in. I can however, provide a link to the type of work that I worked on here.