Some might never notice or care for it, but station sound is a radio station’s heart and soul. And changing that DNA isn’t an easy task.

DemonFM, my student radio station, was in need of a station sound update. We’d had the same core sound for years and years, meanwhile different projects were taking the brand into their own hands. I made it my mission this year to give DemonFM a brand new sound!

Making audio products is one thing – but designing the sound of an entire station for years to come is something else entirely. Along with the rest of the Demon team, I looked at new projects coming out from Wisebuddah and Reelworld. We determined a type of sound we wanted to go for and I got experiementing with options.

This process took a while, we went through a few good sounds, but they wern’t screaming ‘us.’ Eventually, we landed on this package which is now in use across the station!

Listen in full

Listen Cut-by-cut

Here you can listen to some of the elements from the full package individually.

Dry Sweeper

Semi-Dry Sweeper

Wet Ident 1

Wet Ident 2