What is BBC Fresh Air?

After a few emails back and forth with the BBC Radio Leicester team, which started with the usual ‘I’ll do anything please have me for some experience’ stance, I’d come to an interesting agreement. They had a slot open on Monday night for an hour, and they really wanted some students to fill it to help them target a younger audience than usual. I’d agreed for myself and Bridie Gibbs, my wonderful co-host, to take on the show for it’s first month in November – which was VERY EXCITING! The BBC team then worked with DemonFM‘s, my amazing student radio station, management to fill a few more months worth of programming.

What Was Fresh Air All About?

Once we had our presenting teams confirmed, we met with the BBC Radio Leicester team to discuss the show. We agreed that the show should target a much younger audience than the station usually does. Certain playlisting choices were made because of this, including that we would be playing and having a slight focus on BBC Introducing tracks and artists. Other than that, we were given a very open and free reign to do what we wanted with the show! And thus, Fresh Air was born.

Dafydd and Bridie in the BBC Radio Leicester Studios

So What Did We Do With the Show?

An hour.. on the BBC.. to do ‘whatever we wanted and have loads of fun.’ YES PLEASE! Me and Bridie didn’t want to overlook BBC Introducing at all, and as such each week we played at least four Introducing tracks and interviewed at least one of those artists! Other parts of our content looked at topics close to the heart’s of young people in Leicester, loads of social interaction and then of course all of our usual banter!

Read this far? Well done! Why not treat yourself to listening to our ‘Best of Fresh Air’ audio at the top of the page!