From April 2018 to April 2019 I’ve been on a journey of discovery into the world of station sound/imaging at my student radio station, DemonFM!

The first bit of my story started with inspiration from a dear friend, Seb Cheer, who is very passionate about creating a unique sound for his student radio station ‘Leeds Student Radio‘ – his work inspired and intrigued me.

So I jumped in and made my first bit of imaging – it was a few idents and beds for a series of shows I was doing for Eurovision week 2018! Honestly, it wasn’t amazing. Imagine the audio equivalent of a baby taking it’s first steps..

So attempt one wasn’t great, but I was excited and wanted more! Around this time Greg James took over Breakfast on BBC Radio 1, and he did an interview and showcase all about his show’s new imaging. He spoke about how the sound of his show is one of the most important elements, and this is what sparked my mind..

After this passion was reignited… I started seeing what projects I could work on, preying on poor producers at DemonFM to make imaging for their shows! From this point I started working on imaging projects such as: The home Run (drive time), Breakfast, ‘Weekends’, Varsity, Sports and social media campaigns. Take a listen to what I ended up making in this super-fancy-graphic-video below!

Dafydd Evans: Station Sound/Imaging Producer Demo – April 2019