BBC Introducing and you

BBC Introducing all starts with undiscovered artists registering with the uploader.
Those uploaded tracks get sent to the BBC’s local radio shows where they get listened to by local presenters and producers. If they like them the tracks could get broadcast on those local stations and even propelled onto the national stage through BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, Radio 2, 6 Music, Radio 3, Asian Network and World Service.

BBC Music Introducing also provides up-and-coming artists with broadcast opportunities on television and online, as well as the chance to perform at major festivals and showcases.

Where fresh air comes in

A huge focus for the Fresh Air show from the outset was to use the show to hype up the best Introducing artists that are about.

Our local Introducing show is BBC Introducing in the East Midlands with Dean Jackson. Dean was really useful for us and sent through the best Leicester tracks each week.

Across my time on BBC Radio Leicester doing Fresh Air, we talked to a different Leicester based Introducing band each show.

Judith Ude was one of the first artists we spoke to!

Each artist we talked to had different stories, advice and tone. This is what really gave some life to our shows.

Arcades were one of the last artists we talked to on the show

I put together a compilation of all the interesting, fun and plain weird talk that we got up to with the amazing Introducing artists. This was played at the end of our final show.